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samsung galaxy note unlock code generator

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Samsung has officially unveiled “super-hero” Smartphone Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition

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Samsung in partnership with Marvel Comics Empire introduced the special version of its flagship Smartphone Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition, done in the style of “iron man”. Output of the apparatus was timed to coincide with the exit of the next series of the adventures of the superhero universe Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

iron man
“We are extremely pleased that our collaboration with the company  Marvel culmination the release of Galaxy model S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition, designed specifically for fans of iron man,” said Ûnghi Lee (Younghee Lee), Executive Vice President, global marketing divisions IT & MobileSamsung Electronics. «Iron Man limited edition Galaxy S6 edge embodies power signed Avenger by using unusual double-curved screen and advanced features that will provide fans of the Marvel Universe, an unforgettable experience. ”

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition is designed in the characteristic red-gold design, its rear panel decorated with a picture of iron man’s helmet. The model is equipped with64 GB of internal memory, all other technical characteristics of the basic model Galaxy S6 edge. The device comes in unique packaging of the gift type, inside which the owner discovers a transparent overlay that secures the back cover, and the wireless charger, designed in the style of superhero ARC reactor.


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition goes on sale on the market of South Korea tomorrow, May 27, 2015 year to China and Hong Kong in June he gets, but global sales of this limited version is not expected.

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Image of budget Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J1

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That Samsung is preparing to release a Smartphone Galaxy J1, which would become the founder of a new series of budget devices, we have already written. And now in the possession of the source images have appeared potential novelties.

budget Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J1

Judging by the pictures, Samsung Galaxy J1 does not receive any significant differences from other budget Samsung smartphones. At the same time in software terms of apparatus will be able to pleasea number of features deriving from the flagship Samsung smartphones (read more). As far as OS, in her role will make Android 4.4.

Features of Samsung Galaxy J1 long pose no secret, however, for the sake of completeness, it makes sense to repeat them. Smartphone built on a single platform, which includes supports 64-bit computing CPU Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 frequency of 1.2 Ghz. 4.3-inch (diagonal) screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels, the amount of operational and embedded Flash memory-1 and 4 GB, respectively. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy configuration J1 and 2 resolution camera 5 mp, microSD card slot and rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1850 mah.

Focus on the Basis

Samsung reportedly will offer four versions of Galaxy J1: with one SIM slot and built-in modem LTE, dual SIM slots and LTE modem, c one SIM and modem 3 g, dual SIM slots and 3 g modem. While 3 g-only options will get front camera smaller resolution — 0.3 Mp.

It remains to be noted that the official premiere of the Samsung Galaxy J1 may happen very soon.



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Tests showed: Smartphone Galaxy Edge you can drop the S6 from a height of about 1 m, submergedunder water for a short time and use for cracking nuts

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As is well known, the main highlight of the new smartphone Galaxy S6 screen Edge is beaded on both sides. You can argue about the passions, design and practicality of those or other engineering solutions, but according to several videos with tests for impact resistance and moisture protection, Smartphone Galaxy S6 Edge can be a protected device.

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It is not yet clear how exposed to deformation smartphones Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but one thing is for sure: Galaxy model S6 Edge can withstand falls from a height of about one meter. However, this hidden features Galaxy S6 Edge not pumped.

It’s hard to say whether high strength direct credit of flexible display or a similar degree of protections provided by tempered glass 4 Gorilla Glass on top of the screen, but on one of the video you can see how someone splits nuts using Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6. Upon completion of such an unusual test both smartphones remain unharmed, despite the fact that the Galaxy S6 applied normal display on a glass substrate.

In the last test Smartphone Galaxy S6 Edge has been submerged under water, although its specifications only refers to protection against splashing water. To the surprise of many users, being submerged Smartphone retains full functionality within 20 minutes. In practice, this means that you can not worry about security apparatus, dropping it for a few seconds in the bathroom with water.

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Cost components of the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is incredibly high

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samung galaxy s6

Experts IHS counted cost flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, specifically, the cost of its components. Going forward, I would like to say that by this measure the Galaxy S6 Edge ahead of not only all the previous flagship company Samsung, but top 6 iPhone and iPhone modification 6 Plus.

It is worth clarifying that IHS staff evaluated the cost components 64-gigabyte version Galaxy S6 Edge for Verizon. It is $ 290. It is also much more cost components similar to volume Flash iPhone models Plus 6, some experts IHS equal to $ 240. If to compare with last year’s model Galaxy S5, the gap is slightly smaller but still palpable-$ 290 vs. $ 256. Unlock codes are much cheaper - samsunggalaxynote2.us/best-samsung-galaxy-note-unlock-code-generator


Of course, the most expensive piece of the Smartphone is beaded on both sides of the 5.1-inch touchscreen resolution of 2560h1440 pixels. It costs $ 85, that $ 22 more than cost screen Galaxy S5.Apparently, raising the cost was due to the use of 3D-thermoforming, which entails exposure to high temperatures in order to give the necessary form. The second position in the list of the most expensive components of Galaxy Edge SoC takes S6 Samsung Exynos 7420 ($ 30). 3 GB of RAM and a64 GB internal flash memory cost nearly the same — $ 27 and $ 25 respectively . As previously reported, most of the components for the Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung produces itself. Samsung Galaxy Assembly S6 Edge costs $ 6.

IHS experts also emphasize the fact that the cost of Flash memory chips 32 and 64 GB is $ 13 and $ 26, while for the average consumer, each doubling memory adds to the account, $ 100. By the way, the cost of not being bound to carrier contract 64-gigabyte version Galaxy S6 Edge amounts to $ 800.

Finally, it remains to be noted that in calculating IHS does not take into account expenses for research and development, software development, distribution and marketing, so that the full picture of the cost of the Galaxy S6 Edge on their base make up impossible.

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6

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Flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S series of special need no introduction. Along with the products Apple smartphones Samsung traditionally evoke a lively interest among users of any age, sex, and religion.

samung galaxy s6

In the new season, the Korean company prepared for its fans a real surprise. You can call it a rethinking of values or reboot, like anyone, but the fact remains that after years of boring repeatability of Samsung’s designers finally decided on real changes. For the first time in many years we can confidently say that Samsung showed a truly stylish, modern and attractive design. In principle, a variant with two glass panels and metal side frame not too fresh for the last few years we have seen it in the iPhone and Sony Xperia, and even in the image series models Huawei P but for Samsung smartphones it really is new. And given the experience of past years, when one plastic in Korean followed other smartphones so dramatic changes can even be called a breakthrough.

However, not only unexpected changes in design and attractive appearance sooner had surprised the participants of the exhibition MWC 2015 during his first acquaintance with new mobile Samsungfamily. Those who managed to get acquainted with the hardware stuffing Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6Edge, were astonished and even an unprecedented level of performance demonstrated by thesepowerful mobile devices. Thanks to the new SoC new flagship Samsung confidently perched on the top step of the podium and apparently superseded from there will be soon.

samsung s6 design

There were, of course, and without frustration. Fans of Korean brand has always fed the soul thought that their chosen side of the Samsung and Apple in the confrontation is maximum openness to change. Memory card slot and a removable battery — these are the eternal values which outweigh tipped the scales for them compared with the policy of secrecy, “things in themselves”, which from the very beginning, cultivated “Apple” smartphones. Now the last bastions have collapsed: on these new devices characteristics indistinguishable and Koreans from the iPhone and other modern smartphones, the creators of which moved faster than others. The new Samsung flagmanah not find a slot to insert the memory card, nor removable batteries — all considered relics of the past. The funny thing is that it happened exactly at the auspicious moment when the newest, fifth version of Android has finally provided an opportunity for users to install applications on the memory card, and it is on Android based originally 5.0 new Samsung device. Once again, developers came regrettable Bobble, but most of its users are likely to forget very quickly, as if nothing was — fans will understand and forgive. In memory will remain just another cute and very fast Smartphone, one of many.



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Samsung Galaxy S6 active is announced, rugged high-end Android phone available only at AT&T

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Well, it wasn’t exactly the best-kept secret in recent history, but this doesn’t make it any less awesome of a smartphone. AT&T has finally confirmed the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S6 active, which, as expected, is a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S6. And it is going to be available exclusively via AT&T at a premium price, but more on that later.
How tough is it, you ask? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S6 active is designed to meet military standards for drops onto hard surfaces. Also, it is protected against dust ingress and can withstand a dunk in water at up to 1.5 meters for half an hour, as indicated by its IP68 rating. This should be enough for the S6 active to endure more torture that a typical phone should be subjected to in its lifetime. Plus, the physical buttons below the screen are well raised to make them easily operable even while wearing gloves.
Specs-wise, the Samsung Galaxy S6 active is loaded to the brim with top-notch hardware. On its front we find a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels), which is most likely identical to the one on the Galaxy S6. This leads us to believe that the Galaxy S6 active will deliver excellent details, faithful color reproduction, and outstanding outdoor visibility.
It gets even better when you take a look under the phone’s hood. The Samsung Galaxy S6 active comes with an octa-core 64-bit processor, most likely the Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420,which is a great performer. The built-in storage space stands at 32GB, however, and there don’t seem to be 64- or 128-gigabyte versions of the handset. A microSD card slot isn’t available, in case you’re wondering.
In the camera department, the Samsung Galaxy S6 active shines with a 16MP main camera, presumably the same great shooter found on the Galaxy S6. If that’s the case, you can rest assured that Samsung’s rugged handset will snap excellent photos. Similar results are expected from the S6 active’s 5MP front-facing camera with wide-angle optics.
While the hardware specs of the Galaxy S6 active are mostly identical to those of the Galaxy S6, there’s one key factor that sets them apart – battery capacity. Inside the Galaxy S6 active is fitted a 3500mAh battery, which holds almost 1000mAh more charge. On top of that, you may charge the smartphone wirelessly with a compatible charger, available for $25 from AT&T when bundled with the S6 active. On the downside, the battery cell is not user-replaceable.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 active in Camo White
And on the software side of things, the Samsung Galaxy S6 active ships with Android 5.0.2 out of the box. Naturally, Samsung’s latest TouchWiz UI will be layered on top, along with a handful of goodies oriented towards adventurous individuals. The Activity Zone is a pack of apps meant to aid you during outdoor activities and includes a compass, flashlight, stopwatch, and more.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 active will be available on June 12 in three colors – Camo White, Camo Blue, or Gray. Qualified customers can grab one for $0 down on AT&T Next 24 with 30 device payments of $23.17.
Original source http://goo.gl/G11HB6.

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Samsung Galaxy showed S6 and S6 Edge

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Samsung officially presented its flagship Smartphone Galaxy S6 and its version with curved on both sides of the screen Galaxy S6 Edge-the first Smartphone with three screens at the international exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

New smartphone model Galaxy S made of metal aircraft. Galaxy Corps S6 Edge covered with glass.The company’s developers have updated the camera the previous version and removed the unpopularapplication.

Sales of new Samsung devices will begin April 10, users will be offered options with 32, 64 and 128 GB of memory. The cost of new products, the company has not yet named.

As Reuters notes, the South Korean company is trying to reclaim world leadership in the production ofsmartphones, where the main competition it is American Apple recalls.

Smartphone Galaxy S6

At the end of last year, Apple surpassed Samsung smartphones, selling over the past three months, a record number of devices-74.5 million iPhones.

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In Samsung Galaxy S5 is a function of baby monitor

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Most modern smartphones, which can today meet on sale come with a wide range of preset default functions and applications, some of which are quite useful and often used in real life. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S5 there are numerous South Korean giant ceremonial functions, but there are dark horses, the existence of which until then had not been reported.

baby monitor samsung

According to the Android resource Central, the Smartphone Galaxy S5 present baby monitor function. For some mysterious reason Samsung didn’t become advertise this feature during the announcement of the Galaxy S5. Hidden feature in accessibility menu. After its activation, users will be able to monitor their child using Galaxy S5 as a baby monitor. According to the manufacturer, the function works optimally if the Smartphone is located at a distance of no more than 1 metre away from your baby indoors with low noise.


There are many scenarios using a baby monitor in Galaxy S5, but the best variant in which smart watches Gear. In this case, it is proposed to put the Galaxy S5 next to your child and as soon as it begins to cry, the Smartphone to instantly send the smart watch Gear.


One of the reasons why Samsung has decided not to advertise the function baby monitor in Galaxy S5 is probably the long list of instructions and recommendations for its use.

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Samsung introduced the smallest mass processor in the world

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South Korean giant Samsung announced the start of mass production of industry’s first single-chipplatforms, produced on 14-nm technology FinFET, stated in a press release.

This is a significant step forward compared to the 20-nanometer technology, which is used in the production of the current generation of processors Exynos 7. Tips for samsung galaxy unlock codes – click here


Exynos Octa 7 includes eight computing cores, made possible thanks to the introduction of 14-nmprocess 3D FinFET.

new processor

It is characterized by increased by 20 per cent performance, reduced to 35 percent of power consumption and 30% performance gain. The rest of the details are not yet known.

The first 20-nm solutions Samsung Exynos 5430 appeared only in August last year, and now the company started mass production of 14-nanometer SoC.

Competitors Samsung only begin to master 20-nm standards for mobile systems, and this gives the Korean manufacturer advantage.

However, remember that the technology provides the only possible, and how they are implemented-time will tell.

The first product based on 7 Exynos Octa will be Samsung Galaxy S6, photo, which hit the Internet. Hemakes his debut in Barcelona on March 1, the day before the official opening of the international exhibition of MWC.



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